As we are no longer able to hold the monthly Hall 100 Club draw in public because of the coronavirus pandemic we intend to use the results of the Premium Bond draw instead.

There are 12 x £50,000 bond winners each month. We will use the last 2 digits of the first 4 bond numbers to identify our winners.  00 will be used as a proxy for 100.  In the event of a number being duplicated, we will use the very next bond in the published sequence instead.

Using the March 2020 results we would have found the following winners from the 12 x £50,000 winning bond numbers...55, 56, 78 and 68.

218AH237555  67DZ334856 262FT811478 273JQ652768 340LW453466 334NS144249 311PM540014 185TE129949
373VA592947 340XC633270 346ZC888269 365ZL387583

The Premium Bond draw results are normally available within 2 working days of the start of the month so our April 100 Club 'draw' will be on 3 April.